Scope of Practice


If you wish to hire a birth or postpartum doula, it is important to understand the scope of practice of this profession. A birth doula provides physical, informational and emotional support during labor and birth, and helps the birthing person advocate for themselves. A postpartum doula provides physical, informational and emotional support to the birthng person during the first four months of baby’s life.

A doula acts as a cooperative addition to your support system – which may include, but is not limited to, the other parent/s of the child/children, older siblings, family members, friends, doctors, midwives, nurses, or any other healthcare provider chosen by the birthing person.

A doula is not a medical professional and therefore cannot make any diagnoses, give medical advice or perform clinical duties. A doula cannot make decisions for their clients and will not speak to health providers on their behalf.

A doula must respect the privacy of their clients and not divulge any information obtained while providing these services. No photos or videos will be taken or subsequently shared without the express permission of the client and their support team.