Services and Pricing


Birth Doula Services: $1500

Interview (free)

2 prenatal appointments: At these prenatal appointments, we will discuss your birth preferences, ranging from partner involvement to your opinion about certain medical interventions, or even your music choices for labor! We will also practice positions and comfort measures together.

On-call 24/7 starting 2 weeks prior to your due date: Due dates are never a guarantee! Starting 2 weeks prior to your estimated due date, I will be ready to come support you through your labor at any moment.

Phone/texting support: Once you have chosen to hire me as your doula, I can provide emotional and informational support via calls or texting whenever you need it.

Continuous support during labor and the immediate postpartum period: At our prenatal appointments, we will decide together what the best time for me to join you will be. During labor, I will be there to offer you continuous support, whichever form that may take - whether you need suggestions on different positions to try, counterpressure or massage, or even just somebody to sit with you and offer quiet reassurance. I will also stay with you for a few hours after the baby is born.

1 postpartum appointment (within the first week of baby’s life): The purpose of this appointment is to see how you are doing and to go over your birth together! This appointment takes place at the location of your choice.


Postpartum daytime Services: $35 / hour

30-hour package: $1000

Interview (free)

Physical and emotional support: I will make sure that you are well fed, hydrated and as comfortable as possible while you heal from birth and adjust to your postpartum body. I will be a calm presence in your home and a kind ear if you want to share your birth story or discuss your feelings about parenthood.

Practical in-house help: I can help you prepare meals and snacks to make sure you and the whole family are taken care of. I can also do some light housework, such as laundry or dishes.

Guidance through basic infant care: I can support you as you develop your parenting skills when it comes to bathing, diapering, wearing and comforting your baby.

Sensitive feeding support: I will provide information, guidance and support as you feed your infant, whether you are breastfeeding, chestfeeding or bottle feeding.

Family care: I will provide an extra set of hands to help make sure that all parents and siblings (if any) can enjoy and get to know their new family member. I can also take care of your baby when you need to take a shower, a nap, spend time with older siblings, or just have a quiet moment to yourself!

Other postpartum resources: I will help you get in touch with other postpartum and baby professionals if you need some extra support. I can also help you find support groups and other new parents who may have experiences similar to your own.


Full spectrum services - Cost varies

Continuity of care can be vital to a smooth transition from pregnancy through birth and parenthood. If you wish to hire a doula who can provide support for both the birth and postpartum period, please contact me so we can discuss a more personalized fee structure for these services.


In-home birth preparation - $200

I offer private birth preparation courses for those who are unsure whether they want doula support during labor, but who would like to learn about some positions and coping techniques in a personalized setting. This option may be valuable to families who have already had babies and who would like a private “refresher” course on ways to manage the waves of labor. We can also discuss your concerns or questions about pregnancy, labor and birth interventions. This appointment is about 3 hours and takes place in your home or comfortable location of your choice.



I believe that everyone who wants a doula should have one, and I am committed to doing what I can to help. Please contact me privately if you would like to discuss sliding scale or structured fees options.